About Yamana CSR

Yamana RSE is an SAS specialized in Corporate Social Responsibilities. Since 1999, we support public or private contractors, in the fields of Textile and Cosmetics, in their CSR initiatives by working with strategic suppliers:

  • Societal risk diagnosis
  • Accompanying improvement actions     
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the progress approach

We ensure the adaptation of societal issues to the specificities of international supply chains.

We guarantee a mutual interest relationship between the contractors and the suppliers.

Toward a responsible production and trade in the textile sector

Fibre Citoyenne

The Fibre Citoyenne program is intended for textiles businesses and their buyers (governments, authorities and private companies). We have adopted a trade-based approach which takes into account the constraints and the specific nature of the textile sector, its distribution methods and its raw material supply.

The Fibre Citoyenne programme was developed to provide textile businesses and buyers with a set of social and environmental benchmarks and tools with regard to social and environmental quality, across the whole chain of production (traceability, evaluation of social and environmental impact, progress initiatives…).

The main aim of the programme is to encourage a virtuous cycle that will generate social, societal and environmental added-value for all sites involved in developing products.

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